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Railside Furnishings' handcrafted custom built furniture is heirloom-quality and built virtually for every room in your home. Located in Vicksburg, Pa our Amish custom built furniture is made from solid hardwood, handcrafted from beautiful hardwoods. Craftsmen who work hard each day with utmost care build Railside Furnishings' Amish made furniture. They are motivated to produce furniture that will endure the rigors of time and constant use. A craftsman knows his wood species inside and out. He is a master of his tools and he uses his keen eye to detect the kinds of imperfections in a board that make it unsuitable for us. He knows ever measurement, every cut and how to fit each piece together perfectly to create a work of art.

Pops_Page_003_Image_0003At Railside Furnishings, you will see the passion and commitment to a craftsman's end product of his labors…a masterpiece that will be treasured for generations to come.

Living Room Furniture - Dining Room Furniture - Bedroom Furniture

Pops_Page_002_Image_0002At Railside Furnishings, we buy from many shops, not just one big factory, so hands on work, not manufactured, time and effort is spent on perfecting our furniture.  Railside Furnishings' furniture is made from Pennsylvania Cherry, Maple, Oak, Walnut, and Pine.

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