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The longevity of poly furniture is amazing. Poly lumber is a strong material with the ability to bear a lot of weight. Its toughness includes resisting the sun's rays and withstanding weather and the attack of insects.With just occasional washing, poly furniture will look virtually the same after decades as it did on the day you brought it home. It's a revolutionary building material. After you've lived with your Casual Comfort furniture for years without seeing changes, we know you'll be thrilled you chose poly.

Bay Shore Fire pit and Club Chair

Bay Shore Chaise Lounges

Adirondack Settee with Slide-in Table

Bay Shore Pub Collection


Stylish? Yes. Made of a durable material? For sure. But without true artisans who are passionate about how they cut and assemble, those qualities would mean nothing. Casual Comfort furniture is designed to fit together precisely. Each cut is accurate, each screw put in straight and tight. Edges are routed to avoid annoying roughness that would spoil your outdoor experience. Closely inspect Casual Comfort furniture and you’ll see that we’ve paid the utmost attention to details during assembly and finishing.


Bay Shore Sofa, Loveseat and Table

Bay Shore Chairs

Garden Rockers


Long strong screws are wonderful for holding furniture together- but not so easy on the eyes. That's why we've designed Casual Comfort poly furniture to hide them internally. It's not an easy task, and many manufactures don't take the time or trouble to do it. Not every piece of our furniture has no-show screws in all places, such as on underside surfaces, but we're working to eliminate them there, too.


Folding Adirondack

Oceanside Bar

Oceanside Pub Settee


Wood is the look that never goes out of style. Our Natural Finishes lumber mimics the look and feel of real wood, but comes without the splitting and rotting. The smooth, worn feel of the Natural Finishes lumber will give your outdoor space a whole new ambiance.

Garden Collection

Bay Shore Table

Oceanside Table

Oceanside Dining

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